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Widener Law Journal (Harrisburg)

The Widener Law Journal offers you the opportunity to demonstrate your initiative and commitment to potential employers. You can serve on a staff selected from students on the Harrisburg campus who demonstrate drive, commitment, and academic excellence.

Student Opportunities
Membership on the Widener Law Journal’s enhances the legal education you receive in the classroom. In addition to being part of the article selection process, you can contribute notes and comments to journal articles. As a senior member of the journal, you will work with your colleagues to write all of the material for the Annual Survey of Pennsylvania Administrative Law. This special issue provides you with an excellent opportunity to publish your own legal scholarship in the area of administrative law.

First published in 1992, the Journal focuses on a wide range of topics including constitutional law, civil and criminal law, professional ethics, administrative law, commercial law, and other cutting-edge developments in the law. The journal is published three times annually with one issue per year dedicated to the Annual Survey of Pennsylvania Administrative Law in which the decisions of the state of Pennsylvania’s intermediate appellate court, the Commonwealth Court, are examined.

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